Gorillaz Demon Days Live


BBC播出Gorillaz最近既一次live,係佢地第一次現場表演《Demon Days》全碟。下面link有全個live既animation,其中《O Green World》出現左《The Exorcist》入面代表魔鬼既石雕,哈哈~

It was the first time Damon Albarn and the other musicians behind the band played the album in its entirety live, and featured a series of special guests from the album including Shaun Ryder (DARE) and De La Soul (Feel Good Inc.).

BBC – Radio 1


台灣Underground Hip-Hop Group – 三合園

我一向都幾欣賞台灣Hip-Hop,岩岩朋友借左一隻台灣Underground Hip-Hop Group三合園既CD俾我,碟名叫《Bay To Taiwan》,唔錯。上網一直都搵唔到呢隻碟既中文歌名,唔知有冇人知道呢?

以下係《Bay To Taiwan》既英文歌名:

1. To U
2. Bay To Taiwan
3. A Grey Story
4. Jimmy
5. Summer Love
6. Slowly
7. Trapped in Between
8. Can’t Sleep
9. Missing Home
10. Living Emcee
11. Classic